Organised by association NALA 85480, a registered charity for the help of abandoned cats in the Vendée, France. In France your donation is deductable from your taxable income. A donation of 100 euros costs you only 34 euros after deduction. 

The NALA association is still alive and well and your subscriptions will be very welcome ! Even though we can no longer take in any more animals (our foster families are still left with quite some unadopted cats, not all of which have really learned to trust the human race) we are still asked to help animals in need. 

We therefore invite you to sponsor a cat to help the foster families with their veterinary bills. For only 10 € per month or less you can call yourself foster-mum or -dad of a NALA cat.  You may receive photos, visit the cat, be kept up to date with how it is coming along. And the more people who donate even a tiny amount, the better we will be able to assure a bright future for these unwanted cats. Food is also very welcome. The foster homes of Nala are taking care of some 20 cats at the moment.

Thank you so much for your precious support.   


The Cats You Can Sponsor But There Are Many Others

Jess is a little cat that was not socialised when she was entrusted to the association. She was a very timid little girl at first. No-one wanted to adopt her. With time she gained confidence in her foster family. It will be very difficult for her to change her environment.
Misty is a little cross Chartreux cat recently welcomed by NALA, who is wary and who is very fearful and who defends himself with hisses and growls when one wants to approach him. He has adapted well in his foster family with all its other animals like cats, chickens, ducks and a rabbit.
Joshua is Jess's brother who was also very fearful at first, but adapted after several years of patience and became quite cuddly.
Milly was entrusted to us when its English owners moved to England. Milly is a cat that was abused by children when she was small. She is a bit suspicious and uncertain and shows her claws when not expected. She  is a bit unpredictable.

Don  came into our garden that is completely enclosed by a cat fence and he couldn't get out again. We looked for his owner but no-one claimed him. He was very scared in the beginning, but after a while he has settled in perfectly so it would be difficult for him to change house once more. 

You'll find the photo's of all our protégés and their stories when you click on the button Learn More. Click on the photo of the animal for more information and photos. 

If you would like to sponsor a NALA cat or if you just want to give us a donation, then how do you proceed? It's very easy. Click the orange "Faire un don" button below and indicate that you want to sponsor XYZ chat and fill in the amount you want to give per month. We'll send you the details about the cat you want to sponsor after payment. You can also fill in this form (in french)
Or you can do a transfer directly to our account mentioning the name of the cat you would like to sponsor. Below you'll find the IBAN number of our account:

 IBAN (International Bank Account Number)


Code BIC (Bank Identification Code) - Code swift:


You can also send a cheque to the Association NALA 85480, 2, place de la Mairie, 
F-85480 Bournezeau. For any other information please contact us at

Please don't forgot to send us your e-mail address so that we can send you the information and confirmation after we have received your sponsorship/donation. 

Thank you again for the cats!