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'You don't put your best friend on a chain!'

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We demand the prohibition of dogs being permanently chained in France.

In France, permanently chaining dogs is still very common, especially when compared with other countries where chaining dogs has been banned.

We ask the French government to change existing laws and educate dog owners about the dangers of chaining a dog.


Why this petition?

Permanently chained dogs have more health and behavioural problems: being attached severely restricts the movement of a dog. A chain or rope can also become tangled around the legs, neck ... get caught on the dog's shelter or other objects, further restricting movement and causing physical harm (suffocation or strangulation ). Besides the psychological damage caused by continuous chaining, dogs forced to live on a chain can become an easy target for other animals, humans and biting insects. It is therefore more vulnerable to disease.

Permanently chained dogs are a danger: studies have shown that chained dogs are found to be 2.8 times more likely to bite.

Permanently chained dogs are often euthanized: they are often abandoned because being chained outside they never have the opportunity to network with people or other dogs, they are not educated and they can become fearful or vicious, so that euthanasia is inevitable.

Permanently chained dogs are more often forgotten.

Dogs are pack animals who need companionship: a dog is not meant to live alone. It's against his nature. Forcing a dog to live outside on a chain with little or no company, whether human or canine, is one of the most psychologically harmful things an owner can inflict on his dog.

Dog, man's best friend, is a sensitive being who deserves better than spending his life chained at the bottom of the garden.

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