Capucine has not had an easy life, but she is tough! She began her career as a little stray kitten but she had a pretty little face and managed to get herself adopted by an elderly lady. However, noisy grand-children made her life a misery and when her mistress had to go into an old people’s home, disaster struck. Suddenly and brutally separated from her beloved mistress, Capucine found herself shacked up not just with the children she hated but also with an aggressive cat!

The situation became unbearable, for Capucine and all those around her. The decision was made to hand her over to the NALA association, where she quickly grew fond of her foster mum but was less keen on having to share her with a lot of other cats. Sterilised, vaccinated, micro-chipped by the association, she was ready for adoption in a calm environment where she could rule supreme.

A year later, the opportunity presented itself and Capucine went off to the seaside for a trial period leading to adoption if all went well. Unfortunately, her new foster family, not being very well versed in cat language, did not understand what she wanted, with the result that the regulations were not properly respected. Capucine, finding herself outside, took flight. Who knows what went through her head? For two years she lived like a bag lady, but without the bags…. A few people took pity on her and fed her scraps, but no-one took her in.

Left-over pizza and other food stuffs not suited to the feline anatomy got the better of her. She ended up with a nasty skin complaint, so bad that in the end someone contacted a local association to catch her. Miraculously, against all expectations, they found that the disreputable little tramp was called Capucine and belonged to the NALA association! After a weekend of intensive care at a veterinary clinic in Olonne sur Mer, Capucine found herself whisked off to the equivalent of a luxury convalescent home, in a calm, cool place during the heatwave, with good food on demand, clean water, a comfortable bed, and cuddles. The end of a nightmare, although the treatment for her skin condition would have to go on for a long time yet.

And what if Capucine had not been micro-chipped? Well, she would have risked being put to sleep, or else being put back where she was found, with a colony of malnourished, stray cats. Whatever the outcome, her life would have been short, painful and loveless.

So, if you are wondering what the point is in complying with the legal requirement to have your cat identified, remember Capucine’s adventures! And also think about what would have happened if Capucine had not been sterilised. She would have been the target for all the entire, male moggies in the area and as well as her skin disease she would most probably have contracted cat aids and leukaemia….

Fortunately for Capucine, her adventure has a happy ending. But for so many lost or abandoned animals, not neutered, not identified, things don’t work out so well….

We are launching an appeal for contributions for a kitty to help us meet Capucine’s veterinary fees (for consultations, FIV and FeLV tests, long term treatment for her skin complaint, vaccinations). If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so by cheque or by Paypal.