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June 2015

Nos Amis Les Animaux 85480 is a registered association (W852002671/SIRET 538 773 193 00015) for the protection of animals. Often called simply NALA we have members of many nationalities but mainly English and French.

We were set up in September 2010 and since then have placed about 215 animals, mainly cats, with loving, new owners. We have obtained the French equivalent of charitable status so that donations are tax-deductible.

Top stories for this month:

  • Neutering your Cat: a Responsible Thing to do!
  • A little Hello from our Adoptees
  • Summer NALA Festivities
  • Bedwarmers Looking For a Good Home
  • Come and join Nala; together we are stronger!

Neutering your Cat: a Responsible Thing to do!

... and it protects your cat as well.

We recently helped a mayor deal with a colony of feral cats. The idea was to catch them, have them neutered and then release them back on the same spot, their own territory, where volunteers would watch over them. Originally, there were 11 cats but, before we could carry out the operation, another cat appeared, on the verge of giving birth and no doubt abandoned.

This incident makes us think it is high time to remind citizens that article L212-10 of the rural and fisheries Code states that it is obligatory to have any cat born since 1st January 2012 identified by the time it is 7 months old. For dogs aged 4 months and over, identification has been the rule since 1999. It is also obligatory to have a cat or dog identified, whatever its age, before passing it on to somebody else, even as a “freebie”.

When you do not have your animal neutered, you automatically make yourself responsible for its babies! And watch out! Article 521-1 of the penal code decrees that abandoning a domestic animal, tamed or held in captivity, is punishable by two years in prison and a 30,000 Euro fine….So don’t put off the evil day until it’s too late!

There is an old wives’ tale that you should let a cat or a bitch have a first litter before she is sterilized. There is no physical or psychological advantage in this for the animal. A cat or bitch which has already had the experience of giving birth risks suffering from phantom pregnancies in the future. It is better to have your cat or dog, whether male of female, neutered as soon as possible, around 6 months of age. Veterinary surgeons and animal protection associations and foundations are all in agreement on this point.

The black cat we mentioned in the first paragraph of this article had quite obviously belonged to someone and had only been straying for a few days when we took charge of her. Left to her own devices, she could have given birth to 10 kittens a year, each of which could have started reproducing at 6 months old and so on, ad infinitum…. Abandoning animals creates a huge problem for rate payers in the Vendée, as we estimate that dealing with the number of animals that are abandoned each year costs the Communes more than 300,000 Euros per annum, which has to come out of your income tax!

We have asked the Ministry of agriculture to launch an information campaign to sensitise people to the need to have their animals neutered. But our association has also decided to make a practical contribution by offering subsidies of up to 20% for having cats sterilised: a maximum of 20 Euros for a female and 10 Euros for a male. We also offer a subsidy of up to 20%, a maximum of 10 Euros, for having a cat identified.

For more information contact NALA  at

Photo: The townhall has put up signs on the parking 

Video: Releasing the cats after they have been identified and sterilised. 

 A little Hello! of our Adoptees

and two little videos of Minette and Choubaka ( Valéry )


Summer NALA Festivities

Now for some “clear a space in your diary” news:

  • from 2-5 pm on Sunday 7th of June Sue and Stuart Marshall are having a Garden Party in aid of NALA. There will be cream teas, cakes, “pick a prize”, plants etc. It will take place at 12 Rue du Bourg Chasteigner, 85390 Cheffois. Please  come en masse.
  • Last year we attended a concert by "The Portraits" in Mc Nulty's pub in La Rochelle.  During the interval we chatted with the artists, Lorraine and Jeremy, and they generously offered to put on a show for NALA for free!!!  

This concert will take place at the Bar/Restaurant Le Clémanceau, 26 Rue Clémenceau, 85390 Mouilleron en Pareds, Vendée on the 11th of July.   The Bar opens from 6.00 for food and drinks and the concert starts at around 8 pm. 

We intend this concert to thank everybody who has supported NALA in the last 5 years so entry is FREE!!! (Although we will pass a hat round for Jeremy and Lorraine.)

Full details can be found at 

Bedwarmers Looking For a Good Home

For more information please look here

 Come and join Nala; together we are stronger!

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