Nos Amis Les Animaux 85480

2, Place de la Mairie

85480 Bournezeau Le Bon Coin

Mail. M Olivier Aizac Director General

8 r Lavoisier
75008 PARIS

Bournezeau, 7th of August 2013

Dear Sir,

We are an animal welfare organisation located in the Vendée, France and our attention has been drawn to the fact that Le Bon Coin allows the placing of a large number of ads for animals that do not comply with French law (Code Rural  et de la Peche Maritime Article  L214-8) . In fact, these animals are often neither identified nor vaccinated. Identification by the seller is obligatory, no matter the age of the animal, even if the animal is given away for free.

On the other hand, we, the associations have increasing difficulties in placing ads on your site - ads that comply consistent with the rules.

In addition, animals being offered for free on your site creates a problem for animal welfare groups. It is unfair competition because our animals are identified and vaccinated at our expense and we can not place them free of charge. Also, by providing people with a way to get rid of their unwanted litters you allow them to avoid thinking twice before letting their animal reproduce. It also helps to convey the image of animals as objects of little value that we can own without thinking deeply about it beforehand.

On 12 September 2012 the Legal Service and the anti-trafficking cell of the “Société Protectrice des Animaux” met the management of Le Bon Coin in the framework of a meeting to find ways to better regulate animal sales via online adverts. On 5 December 2012, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation also sent a letter to find a solution for the non-compliance of ads for the sale of cats and dogs posted on your site. We recently had an interview with the DDPP (Préfecture) of the Vendée and they confirmed that even the French government had contacted you to ask you to correct this fault.

However nothing has changed so far ....

We, therefore, request that you take the necessary steps within your company to ensure that the ads comply with French law.

Kindly bring your immediate attention to this request.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Marit de Haan

President of NALA 85480

A copy of this letter has been sent to:

  • Company Schibsted ASA (Norvway), who owns Le Bon Coin (letter in English)

  • Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Stéphane Le Foll

  • Direction of health and protection of animals, Mr Didier Gueriaux

  • DDPP Vendée, Mr Sylvain Traynard

  • Legal Service Foundation 30 millions d'Amis, Foundation Brigitte Bardot and the SPA