NALA 85480 was created in September 2010 and as well as dealing with unwanted animals, we've also been busy talking with the authorities trying to find more permanent solutions to the general problem of stray animals. The causes of much animal suffering are irresponsible owners who don't identify their animals and allow them to have unwanted babies and mayors who don't fulfill their obligations...
 According to the Code rural et de la pêche maritime the mayor is responsible for dealing with stray animals. Each town has to either have a kennel for receiving stray cats and dogs or to have access to a kennel e.g. by having a contract with a private company. The kennel should be of an acceptable standard.
 In addition, the mayor is obliged to take care of unidentified animals that are found injured. The regulations allow but don't oblige him to sign a contract with a vet.
 He is also obliged to publish at the town hall the procedure to follow if a stray animal is found.
We had a meeting with the Direction Départmentale de la Protection de la Population of the Vendée and discovered that we were mainly on the same wavelength. We have agreed with them that if we find mayors that are not fulfilling their responsibilities we shall report them to the DDPP. If you discover that your mayor is not obeying the rules, even if you're in another department, please let us know and we'll take it up with the DDPP.