The winner of this year's NALA Family Quiz is Ms Julia Drake from Dyfed Wales.
Two questions which caused the most problems were " 8 A in a CP" and the Island "smoker". In both cases only 26% of answers were correct. Many replies thought it was 8 acres in a cricket pitch actually the correct answer was "8 Aces in a Canasta Pack", and lots failed to spot that "smoker" was an anagram of Skomer and suggested Puffin instead.
The TV programs had the most correct answers. The only one to cause problem was "Great Clothes". The most common wrong answer was "Grand Designs".
We should extend our thanks to all who participated and those who did not take the quiz but gave a donation anyway. Special thanks also to "Paperback Jan" who sold the quiz at her book  venues. 
To date we have received €430 in quiz sales. There may still be more euros to come. An impressive result that will be used to help even more animals that NALA takes under her wing. 
Thank you!