Who says cats and dogs cannot get along together? Here is proof to the contrary. Lily, a small spaniel cross, was thrown out of a car in the Vendée region. She was about 6 months old and on heat. She was nearly run over on the busy departmental road, but was rescued by a lady who unfortunately did not manage to get the car registration number. Lily was placed with someone who has a house full of cats and who already owned an 11 year old dog, goats, sheep… Lily blossomed. She loves cats, delights in having so much company and quite obviously speaks several languages: French, cat, dog, goat etc…. One month later, Lily’s new mistress was asked to take in a 6 day old kitten, found all alone in the middle of a field. Little Charisma did not like the special formula milk. She would pull a face, push the bottle away and try to suckle from the dog, who showed willing. The miracle happened – mother’s milk began to flow in abundance, even though Lily was not pregnant! She made a nest for her baby, in the bottom of the wardrobe, and fed her for at least a month and a half. The two remain very close and Charisma is also pampered by all the other cats. As a result, Charisma, now 4 months old, is very advanced for her age, physically and intellectually, and is the pride and joy of her two « mummies », canine and human! And, of course, she speaks several languages !