Imbala, Beko and 3 more at the least have been targeted with bullets in Bournezeau.... 

When NALA was first founded, one of our major worries was the disappearance of 12 cats in Bournezeau over a very short period. We informed the town hall and the police. In spite of traces having been left, no-one was able to identify the killer. For a while peace reigned, until last Saturday (13 September) , when we received an email from a member of NALA 85480 informing us that their one year old cat, Imbala, had been shot last Thursday (11/09/2014) in broad daylight near the town centre of Bournezeau.

Early in the afternoon, their neighbour had found Imbala in his garden, paralysed at the rear end and screaming in agony. She was rushed to the vet. When the vet shaved her back to see the wound, he discovered a nice, round hole! X-rays provided the proof: the cat had a bullet in its spine. Imbala is now back home after a major operation in Nantes last Saturday. She is slowly recovering.

Obviously, Impala’s family has lodged a formal complaint at the police station. Unfortunately, it is not an isolated case of a cat being injured recently in Bournezeau. About 10 days previously, according to the vet, another cat had been shot in the commune. Moreover, Beko, the neighbour’s cat, which had disappeared for a few days, was found limping and very thin. The veterinary surgeon found a bullet lodged in the abdomen.
According to an article in Ouest France there are 3 more cats who have been aimed to be shot at the least:

The police force has begun an inquest, the Town Hall has been informed and the family has put up notices in the town so that everyone is aware of the stupidity of the human race, even more so when someone is shooting at cats right in the town centre, putting everyone at risk.

The association Nala 85480 has decided that it too will send a complaint to the public prosecutor for Imbala and Beko and, with other animal protection associations, we are planning a march on 25 October in the centre of Bournezeau in memory of the many cats lost, killed, trapped, shot and poisoned in Bournezeau and throughout the Vendee. We will keep you informed of this event!

If you too have lost your pet (cat or dog) in Bournezeau, or if you have any information relevant to this case, please send us an email to 

An event has been created on facebook. Any news on this case will be published there: