Yesterday evening one of NALA's volunteers informed us that there are two rumours going around about us and the association. Firstly we are accused of using NALA's money and low tarifs for our own cats instead of paying the full price. Secondly that we were not working anymore with a certain vet. Neither are true so I would like to stop these rumours straight away and think this facebook page is the good medium for this.

It is Nigel and I that usually foster (and we do it with great pleasure) the cats that are difficult to place, because they are not sociable, pretty or friendly or are black or aggressive, or they have health problems, or are cats that other foster homes can't manage. These cats are being treated under Nala conditions in the beginning (sterilisation, vaccination and identification at reduced Nala rates) while we still believe that they can be placed. However, after a while during which we have been educating them, taking care of them, curing them, socialising them, etc we realise that they are unlikely to be adopted then we adopt them ourselves and pay the normal vet prices.

The result is that we have 16 cats in our house of which only 3 are originally ours. If it was not for NALA and the love of these animals then we would never have taken on so many cats. This is not really a situation that we want, but hey what can you do. We don't throw animals out on the street and we don't put them down just because they cannot be adopted. Even though it is a lot of work, cleaning pees or vomit every morning, cleaning out all those cat bins every day, having to stock up with food and litter every day which costs us a lot of money too (this does not come out of Nala's pocket) and even if it creates a lot of damage to our furniture and to our house, ...hey we do it, because we love these animals. 

So in brief, no we don't use Nala's money for "our own" cats. In fact, although many generous people contribute and donate to NALA, we often have to dip into our own pockets to keep things going. As well as the time that we spend on running NALA we also pay the administration costs of NALA: postage, phone bills, printer ink, paper, the ads (8€ for putting at the top of the list), and the transport costs.

This year at our own expense, we've delivered two cats to the Netherlands and also attended a conference in Belgium about animal welfare in Europe. We are perhaps too naïve: this summer we agreed to temporarily home two rams. When the time came to return them to their owner she told us that she couldn't keep them any more and would have them put down. So we found a place where they could live well for the rest of their lives. However, they would only be accepted if they were castrated. So we agreed with the owner for them to be castrated... now it looks like she won't make any contribution to the vets bill, so we've made an appeal for donations. Any shortfall will come out of our pockets. 

Regarding the second rumour, that we don't work with a certain vet any more. As a matter of fact the vet in question is helping us to organise our campagne de stérilisation and will be carrying out some work for NALA in the next few days. 

We are only human and although we are committed to help animals, there is a limit to what we can do. So where possible, we prefer to work with nice people. We are volunteers and we have no obligation to help. However, some people don't realise this and expect us to cater to their every demand. We don't know who started these rumours, but we suspect that it was someone who didn't like to hear the word “No.” from us. We could ignore these rumours and we did when we first heard them a few weeks ago, but as they're being repeated we decided that it would be best to clear the air. If there are any more rumours please contact me at 07 70 31 54 59 so that we can do something about those too. And for those who don't have anything better to do than throw dirt on NALA's reputation, turn your frustration, jealousy, disappointment or anger into something more positive please, like actually helping animals. The world will only be better for it. 
Thank you for your attention and patience to read this note.... Back to business as usual.